Ekangveer ras

All the benefits of Ekangveer Ras in neuro muscular problems

Ekangveer Ras is one of the most useful Ayurvedic medicines. It comes in tablet form. This medicine is used in the treatment of paralysis, sciatica, facial palsy, and many other nerves and muscles related disorders. It is very useful in the treatment of Vata-Vikar. Ekangveer Ras mainly cures vitiation of blood as well as Vata. This Ayurvedic medicine is indicated in the treatment of diseases that occurs due to the variation of blood in the body. It is made up of heavy metal ingredient, hence should only be taken under strict medical supervision. In this article, you will get to know all the information about Ekangveer Ras, such as its benefits, therapeutic uses, ingredients used as well as the dosage. To know all the information about Ekangveer ras read this article to the end.

herbs in ekangveer ras

Ekangveer Ras contains 26 ayurvedic herbs. Some of them are gandhaka shuddha, ras sindura, kanta lauha bhasam, vanga bhasma, naga bhasma, tamra bhasma, shunti, tikshna, abhra bhasam, marica, pippali, triphala, vahini drava, etc. All these ingredients are the wonderful gift of nature to the mankind. These ingredients give ekangveer ras so many powerful properties that make it a wonderful medicine. Now, let’s talk about the benefits and uses of Ekangveer Ras.

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Amazing Benefits of Ekangveer Ras

  • It is very useful and effective medicine for the treatment of Vaat related problems.
  • This medicine nourishes the nerves and muscles and makes them strong.
  • Ekangveer Ras eliminates all the blood related problems as well as increase the flow of blood in the every part of the body.
  • It improves your immunity and helps the body in fighting against the diseases as well as viral and bacterial infections.

Uses of this Wonderful Ayurvedic Medicine Ekangveer Ras

Ekangveer ras for Facial palsy

It is used in the treatment of Facial Palsy, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, Cervical Spondylosis, Paraplegia, Brachial Neuralgia and many other Neuro – muscular conditions. Ekangveer Rsa is also very useful to treat Sciatica, Akshepaka – tremors, Parkinson’s Diseases. Not only this, it is also indicated in Vishwachi, apabhuka. This is all about the medicine and its uses, now, it’s time to discuss the dosages part. So, let’s talk about the Dosage.

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Dosage of Ekangveer Ras

doses of ekangveer rasThe patients can take 125 – 375 mg once or twice in a day, before or after the meal or as directed by the Ayurvedic doctor. Please remember in your mind, the doses of Ayurvedic medicines are not fixed. The exact dose of the Ayurvedic medicines depends on the age, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, strength, and properties of the particular medicine. Pregnant women should avoid this medicine and keep it away from the reach of the children.

Now the question is, why should you use Ayurvedic medicine instead of other conventional medicines. So, let me tell you friends, conventional medicines are made up of different chemicals and artificial salts that are not good for our body. It has so many side effects, but the Ayurvedic medicines are made up of natural herbs that are completely safe for our body. The second thing is, conventional medicines treat the symptoms of the diseases not its cause. Ayurvedic medicines work slowly but it treats the main cause of the disease. I hope this article will help you in dealing with several health problems.

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