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Cramps during Pregnancy- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pregnancy is one of the soothing moments in women’s life as a new member of the family is under development. Pregnancy also known as gestation or gravidity is duration of time where one or more offspring start developing under the womb of a women. It is one of the most important stages of a woman’s life and it brings lots of responsibilities and care with it. When a woman gets pregnant she has to be extremely careful about every minuscule changes in the body and she sought to has medical attention if any unusual problem exist in the body. As being a responsible pregnant woman your first priority should be to take good care of your body first because your every single decision you take will not only affect you but also your offspring. Cramps during pregnancy is something that almost every women have to face and it is believed to be normal but sometimes other problems could also cause cramps in your body. Stomach cramps in early pregnancy are common and they have nothing t worry about but as you know prevention is better than cure, these cramps are worth mentioning to your physician or midwife. Cramps in early pregnancy are usually an indicator that your body is going through some physical changes and your body is trying to adapt to the conditions that are going to be formed in near future. Although cramps are very normal but could be scary as sometimes it can give you unbearable pain resulting in restlessness and it can perturb you. Cramping is the response of uterus when any changes are made to it. According to Holly Puritz, M.D., medical director for Sentara Lee Hospital Group for Women in Norfolk, Virginia- “The uterus is a muscle, and the only thing a muscle knows how to do is contract, and a contraction feels like a cramp.” That means when your uterus is being stimulated by some external or internal factors such as full bladder, hard exercises or by something else then your uterus is being forced to contract but it should be monitored closely and you should see whether this may cause problems or not in near future.
stages for pregnancyThere could be many causes of cramps during pregnancy we are about to talk some of those causes. Usually there are three stages of pregnancy that are being divided as first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. At the stage of first trimester most of the women feel cramps in their stomach as it can be considered as one of the first signs of pregnancy. During this period some significant changes are made to the uterus and your uterus may start to expand as the fertilized egg starts making home to the uterus walls and this results in expanding uterus. In the second trimester as the fertilized egg develops it further stretching of uterus and touches round ligament part of your body. Round ligament is a muscle of your body that supports your uterus and when your uterus is stretched it affects your round ligament and can cause some stabbing ad acute pain in the lower part of your abdomen. If you have had sex during pregnancy and if you are feeling pain then nothing to worry about as it is a normal process. Therefore nothing to worry about if you want to have sex during pregnancy as it is a normal process. Constipation could be the other reason of your abdomen cramps. Constipation can be considered as one of the main causes of cramps during pregnancy as it affects most of your internal structure. Bleeding could also be the reason of the cramps of your stomach and at the same time your periods may also start.
pain for pregnancyWhen it comes to its symptoms, there are myriad of symptoms being caused by the cramps during pregnancy. If you feel the following symptoms during pregnancy then you should see your physician as it could be something serious. If you are feeling severe pain that is not going away, if you have lower abdomen pain with contractions, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms, cramping along with pain in shoulder or neck, bleeding, back pain or your pain is not improving overtime then you should be worry about and see your doctor as soon as you can. These symptoms should not be ignored as it can have deleterious results if not being monitored by the physician or midwife.
Cramps during pregnancy should not be ignored and so other symptoms as well. If you are experiencing something unusual in your body then you should go and have checkup of your body and as being a responsible pregnant woman your priority should be to protect your offspring from myriad of problems. There are many ways that you can relieve the pain of your stomach and other symptoms and you can ease your condition on your own. The first thing you can do is to be aware of your surroundings and put your steps with extreme care. You are not alone but you have your baby inside so watch your legs before it could cause myriad of problems. do not lift heavy weight for pregnancyTry not to lift heavy weights and even mild weights are not your cup of tea. It has been seen that weights lifting is one of the main cause of cramps during pregnancy. So try avoiding lifting weights. You can take warm bath in order to relieve your pain. It is a universal fact that taking bath with warm water relaxes your muscle and if you are exhausted warm water could do the miracle for your body. Try to exercise on regular basis as this process can strengthen your abdomen muscles but make sure to have mild exercise that should not be vigorous. Try to control your weight as it has been seen that pregnant women have the higher chances of being obese during pregnancy. Therefore have a close look on your extra fat or else it will be deleterious for you. Try to eat foods with high dietary fiber as it will help you fight out your constipation. You can take fresh fruits, green veggies are the best source of fibers, cereals and grains could also be perfect to get your daily nutrients that are required for your body. Before taking any pain relief medications you should consult it with your physician because not doing so can manifest other problems for you as well.

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