According to a research published in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine homeopathy has survived for centuries in a variety of forms. Can you think of a reason behind this? You must have grown up hearing that homeopathy is a gentle and natural science of healing. But, do you actually know what the connection between homeopathy and nature is? Because of sudden exposure of the adverse effects of allopathic medicines to the world, everyone today is looking for an alternative healing science. Is homeopathy for health a probable answer to the diseased world? Every fact gives rise to a number of questions and these questions are vaguely answered at different places. And to adopt homeopathy or any other alternative medicine, you have to critically analyze its advantages as well as disadvantages. Clarity of facts and myths is also required. Hence, today we will see a research backed perspective of homeopathy and nature.

Homeopathy is not the only medicinal science based on nature and there are many others. We will also throw light on some of them. So, in short we will see some alternatives to allopathic drugs while understanding the connection between homeopathy and nature.

Homeopathy one of the oldest and well established alternate medicinal systems on this planet. Yes, there is ayurveda and Chinese medicines healing the world, but homeopathy has its own unique way of treating human body. Back in 19th century, homeopathy arouse as a strong and convicting way of healing and soon there were homeopathic hospitals in Britain. These hospitals had in patient units and were big enough, indicating that people then believed that homeopathy can cure any disease. Although it is popular in European countries, the very first institution specifically devoted to homeopathy was established back in nineteenth century. Around1900, about twenty percent of total doctors in the United States too were homeopaths, but due to various reasons, homeopathy became relatively unknown in the US until recently. In the last decade, things have gradually changed with the awakening of people against the ill effects of allopathic drugs.

Well, do you think it is true? Homeopathy is a widely recognized form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide, but do you think it is potent enough to treat chronic ailments? Can homeopathy for health become the perfect answer to ailing people? You will get the answer to this in a short while.

Despite lack of proper advertisement and people blindly following allopathic medicines, homeopathy has managed to survive in the last century. According to the World Health Organization, it is the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world at present. What is contributing to its survival? Not only homeopathy, but ayurveda too is an ancient science that has managed to keep hold of the universe. One thing common between the two is nature. Ayurveda, homeopathy and nature are closely related. How? The following discussion will help you understand the connection between homeopathy and nature.



  • Homeopathy and nature are closely related because homeopathy tries to assist human body in diseases. However, it does so by making the existing nature of the body strong. This way homeopathy and nature seem to be closely related.
  • Apart from this, homeopathy is based o the concept of “like cures like”. This can be viewed differently according to perspective. In general, we can say that allopathy seeks to fight the body’s natural response system by attacking the symptoms of healing. However, a homeopath regards symptoms as the body’s healthy attempt to restore itself to balance. Hence, Homeopathy, embraces the body’s natural response system by either encouraging the symptoms of healing or attacking the root cause of the illness. Allopathy aims towards suppressing the symptoms in most of the cases, however homeopathy tries to address and attack the root cause.
  • This is the era of alternative medicines. As and when people get time, they search of a healthier and easier way to treat their body. Some are becoming proactive and taking care of their health. It is good, but as you can never avoid illness, there is a need for a holistic system of medicine that does not harm human body. This is possible only when the alternate medicinal system does least disturbance in the body. For this reason, homeopathy and nature appear to have a close relation because as nature heals without any ill effects, homeopathy also does the same. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that works in harmony with your body. Homeopathy for health won’t deposit toxic elements in the body that can produce unpleasant side effects. This is one of the reasons behind the science gaining popularity. Especially the USA about 15 years ago, it was estimated that the number of patients using homeopathic remedies had suddenly increased by 500% compared to last seven years. But, most of them purchased over-the-counter remedies.
  • The mechanism of human body is to self heal and homeopathy and nature of human body both stress more on self healing. Not only the principles of homeopathy make it closely related to nature, but, homeopathic medicines are also made up of natural products. All the homeopathic medicines are based on utilizing the healing capabilities of nature. Now you can exactly tell what the connection between homeopathy and nature is.  Although homeopathic medicines are derived from natural substances, the science should not be confused with herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, or other types of natural medicines. It is its own and entirely unique system of healing humans.

This was all about the connection between homeopathy and nature. Now it is time to see why one should use this natural approach to treat human body. We have many reasons, but to cut it short, we would say those who want holistic, natural and natural healing should choose homeopathy. In case you are confusing the science with any other orthodox healer, you should open up your eyes to look up at the extensive research going on in the field. Up to the end of 2014, more than 100 research papers reporting good-quality placebo-controlled randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in homeopathy have been published in peer-reviewed journals. All these experiments are done on 61 different medical conditions. And after 2014, research in natural healing sciences has gained momentum due to the awareness about the ill effects.

Homeopathy for health is considered to be perfect because of all these reasons. Since they are free from any side effects, most of the homeopathic medicines are available over the counter in grocery stores, drug stores, health food stores, homeopathic pharmacies, and online. Homeopathy and nature are closely related, but it is completely different from using the natural products directly. Preparing a homeopathic medicine from a plant is a multi step process. For instance, the first step is cleaning and preparing the plant with a mix of alcohol and water to make a tincture. The tincture thus formed is then diluted and strongly shaken without any chemical intervention. This step is repeated again and again to increase the potency of the medicine. The number of times the process is repeated will decide the concentration of the medicine.

But, since homeopathy aims at assisting the natural process of human healing, it is given in small doses or in diluted form until and unless we are dealing with a chronic problem. Homeopathy rather than treating just on body part treats the person as a whole. The homeopathic medicines are selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. So, it is not easy to make homeopathic medicines as it is a science in itself. And prescribing the right homeopathic medicines also requires expertise.

In addition to homeopathic medicines, a person using homeopathy for health needs to accept some dietary and lifestyle changes. Also, homeopathy is magical and free from side effects, but you should keep in mind that it takes time. Because of small doses and its holistic healing, this science will not give you instant results. Hence, you have to take the medicines regularly. Only then you will get to see the expected results. Allopathy might be good for those who want instant relief, but these drugs are not in favor of your long term health. So, you can simply see them as two different choices. One attracts you with instant relief but many temporary and permanent ill effects, and the other one with promising but gradual results. This was all about homeopathy and nature. But, you can always look out for more natural options like ayurveda. This is also an ancient yet scientifically proven science with the concept of holistic healing. The key is to open up your eyes and try to avoid the ill effects of allopathic drugs. And because it is your body, you can choose what is best for your long term health and a happy life.

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