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How can Kumar Kalyan Ras (SW.MO.YU.) Improve the digestion power?

healthy digestion.You might have heard this line many times – a healthy digestion means a healthy life. So, this is completely true that a healthy digestion can help in living a healthy life. What do you do to make your digestive system healthy? Nothing, isn’t it? How can you solve your digestive health issues? If you do not want to deal with the side effects of allopathic medicines, this article can help you a lot in finding an alternative treatment option for digestive issues.

Ayurveda is an alternate and a natural treatment option that can safely cure the digestive issues from the roots. Ayurveda helps to cure the digestive issues from the root as well as give you a healthy digestion. Today, I am going to tell you an amazing ayurvedic medicine that can improve your digestion power. Kumar Kalyan Ras for digestion is one of the powerful ayurvedic medicines. Let’s see how Ayurveda and nature help you in giving a healthy life.

What Makes your Digestion Weak?

junk foodsBefore going to the treatment, it is better to find what makes your digestion weak. We all love to eat junk foods, processed foods or fast foods. Do you know the impact of these type of foods on your health? We all know that junk foods can damage our digestive system but we still eat them because of its taste. Children are more likely to face digestive issues because they eat junk foods more. These types of foods can make your digestion weak and also cause several types of digestive disorders.

If you occasionally suffer from digestion problem, this is common but if the digestive problems are persistent from a long time, you need to seek a treatment soon. The common digestive problems that can affect any person are diarrhea, constipation, gastric, heartburn, stomach pain and irritable bowel syndrome. Let’s check out how Kumar Kalyan Ras for digestion is helpful.

Kumar Kalyan Ras for Digestion

kumarkalyanrasKumar Kalyan Ras for digestion problems is one of the famous ayurvedic medicines. This ayurvedic medicine is commonly used for the health issues related to children. If your child is suffering from digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite and other stomach problems, you need to give him Kumar Kalyan Ras. Kumar Kalyan Ras helps to improve the appetite, cure diarrhea, constipation and gastric problem in the children. By improving the appetite, Kumar Kalyan Ras helps the body to get all possible health nutrients from the foods.

Kumar Kalyan Ras not only cures these stomach related issues from the roots but also provides a healthy digestion. Allopathic medicines can never improve your digestion but Kumar Kalyan Ras for can help in this. Kumar Kalyan Ras has a number of health benefits that help your child to live a healthy life.

Other Health Benefits

diseases4You may get surprised after reading the myriad health benefits of Kumar Kalyan Ras. Kumar Kalyan Ras also helps to improve the overall health of the children by curing the respiratory issues, general weakness, debility, recurrent cough or cold, muscle weakness, bone weakness, anemia, jaundice and underweight problem. Yes, all these health benefits are possible only with the help of Ayurveda. So, if you want that your child will stay healthy, strong and happy, give him/her Kumar Kalyan Ras.


ingredients3The natural ingredients found in the Kumar Kalyan Ras make it an effective ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared from most powerful natural herbs which are swarna bhasma, abhrak bhasma, loha bhasma, ras sindoor and aloe Vera. These ingredients have great digestive stimulant properties, carminative, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-viral and soothing properties that help to improve the digestion and overall health of the children as well as of adults.


dosage of tablet 1-2Dosage is one of the vital parts of any ayurvedic medicine. If you take them without a prescription or an inadequate amount, they can harm your body. That’s why it is better to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the medicine. The recommended dosage of the Kumar Kalyan Ras for infants is a half tablet with milk and for children 1-2 tablets with honey or milk.

Ayurveda is actually the science of healing as well an art of living. You can get a healthy digestion and healthy body with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda diet can help you in making your life healthy. So, try Kumar Kalyan Ras for digestion problems and take a step towards Ayurveda and a healthy life.


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