How To Treat Herpes With Oregano Oil?

Bitter Truth About Genital Herpes?

There is no cure for genital herpes; people suffering from this disease have to go under various treatments and therapies to deal with this disease. But not every case is similar, every cases has different aspects and we have to understand that, we should apply various home remedies which will be helpful in curing this disease. People are now using oregano oil treatment for reducing these outbreaks. When we hear the word oregano oil, the first thing that strikes our mind is that what the oregano oil is. It is natural, powerful and antibiotic that can help the body’s immune system to fight from various diseases and also the virus that causes herpes. Oregano oil is pure; the oregano plant is very high in antibiotics. Many sources cite oil of oregano as the nature’s most powerful antibiotics that help in fighting against the bacteria. Oregano oil is natural antibiotic that has all ingredients and power for antiviral properties. It has the capability to cure herpes permanently. Oregano oil for herpes cure is of great help. But when it comes to relieving pain and itching during outbreaks, oregano oil is beneficial. It has various good properties to accelerate the healing process and prevent the infection that may be spreading all over the body.

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There are lots of evidences that prove that oregano oil is used for herpes treatment. It is a powerful tool to fight against the various harmful organisms that may lead to the infection in the body.

How To Use Oregano Oil To Cure Herpes?

The question now arises that how this oregano oil works. Oregano oil works by killing the bacteria which is called Carvacrol. It helps to fight against the herpes virus. It attacks the protective cell membranes where bacteria hide. The protective cell membrane bacteria make the bacteria impermeable to antibiotics. Oil of oregano helps to break down the cell membrane. It provides natural and powerful antibiotics to the cell membrane which is dissolved and the bacteria become vulnerable.oregano stream

There are different ways to use oregano oil; it can also be inhaled as a vapor to fight respiratory infection. Firstly you can fill the sink or bowl with very hot water, then add few drops of oregano oil into it. Drape a towel over your head and be sure to cover the bowl with the towel and then inhale the steam for five minutes. The oregano oil can also be used as a bacteria fighting toothpaste. Add a few drops of oil to the toothpaste to help ease the pain and discomfort the cold sores cause. Natural, effective, safe and easy to use, oil of oregano is helpful to get relief from outbreaks. One more method you can use oregano oil for herpes is that you can take the drop of oil under the tongue. You can also apply it to the skin. It will get absorbed into the central nervous system and also in the blood system. It is extremely potent, so it is important to filter the oil with a cream or lotion. You can also use the coconut oil as a carrier for the oregano.

The oil of oregano for herpes treatment has been effectively used since 3000 years BC. It is quite effective, consists of all natural ingredients. Today it is often used as alternative therapy for genital herpes and other kinds of diseases like acne, etc. Oregano oil is yellowish, red or brownish red volatile oil that is distilled from the fresh or dried flowers. It consists of the leaves of origanum vulgare. This plant is mainly grown in Portugal, Greece and other Mediterranean countries. It is often used as powerful antibiotic to boost immunity. For example in case of genital herpes it kills the genital infection.

How Oregano Oil Works For Herpes?

Using oregano oil for herpes is helpful to prevent breakouts, relieve skin irritation, blisters and inflammation. The oregano oil has antimicrobial properties and is helpful in reducing the inflammation. It is helpful in removing the cold sores, genital herpes and shingles. The use of oregano oil can irritate the mucus membrane. It may cause pain and inflammation. It is effective in treating herpes simplex virus infection. oregano oil for herpesIt is considered as natural and safe. It has various side-effects also like vomiting, diarrhea, etc. when it is taken in high quantity but they are usually mild and temporary. At the initial stage oregano oil may burn, but this sensation will vanish after few minutes. But it will cause inflammation of lesions and itching. In early stage we should use it in the small amount to the non-affected area of the skin to check whether any allergic reaction will occur or not.
The oregano oil should not be replaced with the conventional medical treatment. You just have to give sometime after applying oregano oil into the affected area so that it can kill the virus. Oregano oil for herpes works as antioxidants for the cough. It has capability to cure herpes permanently. There are lots of things we heard about the natural products among the herpes patient but they are temporary, they remove the pain only for some time, but after the time passes it remains the same. Here oregano oil offers something else to the people. The relationship between oregano oil and herpes is not so good; they are enemies as the oregano oil kills the herpes like anything. Apart from killing the invader that somehow manages to enter into the human body. Oregano oil contains vital nutrients like magnesium, zinc and vitamin C and vitamin E. There are lots of advantages and usages of Oregano oil but we have to understand how to use it properly and then proceed by taking proper precautions because without having knowledge of its usage it would be harmful for the body. “Can oregano oil cure herpes?”- read more to know in detail.

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