What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be described as a natural form of therapy which believes that any sorts of diseases can be cured by approaching towards holistic treatment. We can also categorize this as an alternative treatment which sometimes works and sometime not. Homeopathy has their own principle named the low of similar which is sometime identified as “like cures like”. Homeopathy does believe that diluting or shaking substances in water can turn those substances in an effective and potent medicine. Homeopathy supporters do believe that the more a substance is diluted in water the more substance will become potent and effective in treating specific complications. This sort of treatment has been widely used in European countries and in India. If we look into the history of Homeopath we would find that it was created by the Samuel Hahnemann who was a German physician. After its creation homeopathy became very popular in 19 century, however, in initial years of its creation the concept of homeopathy has faced numerous criticisms.

we-use-homeopathyThe concept of homeopathy treatment most often considered as safe that typically doesn’t lead to any adverse effects on body unless someone has allergy to what they supposed to eat.  Homeopath supporters do believe that by following homeopathy remedy any sorts of illnesses can be cured whether it is short term disease or a long term diseases. They also believe that homeopathy not only helps you to get rid of disease but also improves your overall well-being. You may get strengthened emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually by following homeopathy. Homeopathy concept is entirely based on natural things, herbs and any natural ingredients that have the potential to treat diseases.

If we think in a way the way homeopath supporters think, we can get innumerable and potent benefits of using this sort of remedy. Because of homeopathy is a holistic remedy the patient shall not experience any sorts of adverse influence on the body and typically doesn’t interfere with medications. Homeopathy stimulates your body’s potential of healing infection, diseases and any sorts of internal issues. Homeopathy is an inexpensive sort of remedy option than other conventional medicines. Typically homeopathy medicines don’t cause any toxicity or poison but if taken in large scale you may receive some complications. Homeopathy medicines play a good role in enhancing your mood and prevent you to become prone to anxiety and depression.


If we look homeopathy in a scientific way, we would probably don’t consider using it because of homeopathy can’t be proven scientifically. Though, there are little evidences do exist which partially support the concept of homeopathy but most of the research do not believe this concept by even 1 per cent. Scientific experts do believe that the usage of homeopathy is based on placebo effects (A fake feeling of improving something especially a sort disease by using ineffective treatment option). Scientifically, placebo effect is very common in patient who uses homeopathy remedy.

Despite the fact that homeopathy has not been yet proven scientifically still it has been widely used in many countries especially in India and European countries. It has wide range of popularity all over the world.

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